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The school is now closed to pupils for the summer holidays. If you need to use the summer holiday club then please contact Future Stars. School reopens to all pupils on Thursday 3rd September! Have a great summer!


Week One:

This week please go to   Year One/Two lesson 3 and practise your coding and programming skills.


Week Two:

This week we are going to look at some data handling games. Please go to   bar charts and play the games.


Week Three:

This week we will look at another data handling game. Please go to  venn charts and play the games.


Week Four:

For the next three weeks we are going to practise our typing skills again. For this week please have a go at

You need to try and type the letter. Have fun!


Week Five:

This week we will continue to practise our typing skills. I hope you are finding the letters on the keyboard quicker now. Type the letter as it drops.


Week Six:

This is our last week on typing skills. Have a go at

Hopefully you are much more confident at finding the letters now!