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Phonics 29.06.20

Your Phonics challenge is to play a game of ‘Four in a Row’! For this, you’ll need:

A piece of paper
Colouring pens or pencils

The sight words – water, through, where, laughed, who, because, again, different, thought, eyes, work, friends, mouse, once, many, please, any, said, school and there


Before playing, carefully read through the sight words with your child. To play, use the pen to write the sight words onto a piece of paper. Players then take it in turns reading a sight word. If they read it correctly, they can colour it with their team colour. Opponent players can block you from creating a line by saying the sight word that you may pick next. Be the first player to get four in a line to win!

Year 1 - Phonics 29.06.20