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The school is now closed to pupils for the summer holidays. If you need to use the summer holiday club then please contact Future Stars. School reopens to all pupils on Thursday 3rd September! Have a great summer!


Week 1: Sikhism

Have a look at the Langar Powerpoint - use the Langar meal template and food ideas word card to help you to desgin your own Langar meal!


Week 2: Sacraments

Listen to the Sacraments song on youtube

Now look at powerpoint up to slide 7.

Briefly talk through each sacrament. Children to name as many of the 7 sacraments as they can. 


Week 3

Look at power point slides 8-12. To recap all the sacraments.

Now use the worksheet with picture clues to name and describe as many of the sacraments in full sentences as they can.


Week 4 

Remind yourself about the seven sacraments.

Have a look at the sheet 'do this in memory of me' - what kind of picture would you draw to show what this phrase means?


Week 5

Have a look at the beautiful sacraments stain glass windows - can you design your own for one of the sacraments?


Week 6

Use the seven sacraments discs to decorate your cross to make a stain glass window sacraments card for someone special in your life.


Week 7

Have a go at completing the sacraments booklet drawing pictures of what all the sacraments mean to you.