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This week we will be starting our next unit.... SACREMENTS



Pupils will recognise the story of peter asking Jesus about forgiveness but not all the detail AT1


Pupils will be able to recognise the story of Peter asking Jesus about forgiveness


Pupils will be able to retell parts of the story of either Peter asking Jesus about forgiveness or the story of the Servant and the king. AT1


Look at the images on the powerpoint about things being broken. We can mend broken objects but it is harder to mend a broken friendship.


There are examples of why we might get mad at our family and friends that we could discuss. Another possibility is to use the story of the angry volcano from an SPCK assembly. You will find this on                            There are also a number of books on the topic of friendship and its difficulties including ‘George and Martha the complete stories of two best friends’ which is about two hippos. Or share another story about friends falling out.


Look at the section of the Gospel where Peter asks about Forgiveness and Jesus tells a parable in response. MT: 18: 21-35. (This can bne found on the powerpoint in a very simple form). Pause after the first section where Jesus tells Peter to forgive 70 times. Discuss with the children why this happened.


Move on through the parable. Pause at times to allow questions. Children to create a poster or little book explaining the key point of the story.



PPT story


Paper and pens


Assembly online

George and Martha | The Dance Recital/The Tooth - Ep. 1




Pupils will recognise that Jesus told people to forgive AT1


Pupils will be able to recognise that Jesus asks people to forgive each other AT1


Pupils will recognise that Jesus taught that God always forgives People AT1


Once they know the teaching of Jesus from the previous session ask: is it always easy to forgive people? There is a very short clip with childrens voices on forgiveness on youtube. Go to . There is also a disney song called: It’s good to forgive and forget on youtube to reinforce the message of the parable.


At home:

Design a symbol of forgiveness/  have the word forgiveness in different languages/ make paper chains or paper dolls in a chain symbolising everyone linked together with the word forgiveness on them.

Youtube videos


Paper and pens

Paper Dolls Instructions

  1. Take a piece of paper (8.5" x 11") and cut it lengthwise.

  2. Fold it into quarters accordion (pleated) style.

  3. Draw a figure of a person on the top layer. Be sure that the arms extend beyond the edge of the folded sheet. 

  4. Cut the figure out and unfold. You will get a chain of dolls holding hands.

  5. To have more dolls in your chain, use a larger sheet of paper and fold more pleats before cutting. Alternatively, use more than one sheet of paper and connect the figures with tape.

Picture 1





Pupils will in a limited way be able to talk about their own experience of being angry with someone and saying sorry AT2


Pupils will be able to talk about their own experiences of a) falling out with a friend or family member, b)being angry with someone c) being able to say sorry or make up with some one. AT2


Recap previous learning with a story about friends who forgive one another.


Brainstorm times that you may have been angry with someone. What might have caused those feelings?

Write a set of instructions for being a good friend and how to repair a friendship.


What would help you to forgive someone?


How can you be forgiven?