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Welcome back! Corpus Christi is now open for all year groups. We hope you have all had a lovely summer break



LO: I can explain the difference in types of household drugs.


Have a look in your house with an adult. What medicines can you find? Collect some together for today's lesson. 

Which do you recognise?

Which have you taken?

Can you sort them into age restricted, over the counter, prescription only and non-prescription? 


Take a photo and send it to me.


LO: I know the structure of the Greek household and the purpose of its rooms. 


Research online and create a poster about the Greek house. Make sure you include:

The names of different rooms.

What was done in those rooms.

Who has or wasn't allowed in the rooms.

Any special furniture that would have been in those rooms.


When you have finished...

Is there anything you notice about the difference between your house and the Ancient Greek houses?