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Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School is now closed today and for the Easter weekend. If you are a Key Worker and need us during this period please email We will reopen on Tuesday 14th April for the children of key workers.


Wednesday 1st April 2020- home learning from Miss Bishop

Good morning. I enjoyed seeing your work from yesterday. I hope you had fun learning the French with your grown ups. 


Our English today is guided reading. 


The usual activities are:

  • Reading with a teacher
  • A post reading activity
  • Reading for pleasure where you can read anything you like (comic, favourite book etc)
  • A spelling activity
  • A comprehension activity


Please make sure you are doing as much reading as possible to a grown up while you are away from school.


Our spelling objective today is the same as yesterday- I can identify the /or/ spelt a.

Write the words:

all, ball, call, calling, called, tall, taller, tallest, wall, fall, hall, football, footballer, stall, small, smaller, smallest

Write the sentences:

The footballer kicked the ball into the wall.

My mum is smaller than my dad.

Challenge- can you get two or more words in the same sentence?


In maths today I would like you to log onto Mathletics and pick some activities on there to do. Fractions, shape, time and money would be the best activities to practise to keep your skills up! If you all log in around 11am you could go 'live' against each other too. 


In the afternoon we usually have PE and then do the last 2 guided reading rotations. For PE, please use a dance video like or yoga video from YouTube or have a look at Joe Wicks Youtube channel as he does some great PE on there. I’ve been enjoying doing his live sessions with my little girl in the mornings at 9am.



Hope you enjoy today’s activities! 


It will be Mrs Ralph setting work for the rest of the week now so I want to wish everyone a very HAPPY EASTER with their families. Enjoy the hard earned break. 

Miss Bishop 

Home Learning from Mrs Ralph


The activities are:


  • Reading with a grown up (your school book or a book you have at home)
  • A post reading activity  -what was your favourite part of the book and why?
  • Reading for pleasure where you can read anything you like (comic, favourite book etc)
  • A spelling activity -write 5 common exception words
  • A comprehension activity



We have our second PE session on a Wednesday afternoon.

Please choose a dance video from Youtube to follow.