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The school is now closed to pupils for the summer holidays. If you need to use the summer holiday club then please contact Future Stars. School reopens to all pupils on Thursday 3rd September! Have a great summer!

Week Four

Your challenge today is to use all that you have learnt about effects to create a fact file about one of the following from your topic work. Remember, a fact file provides readers with compelling information in a clear and exciting way!


  • Mountains 
  • Earthquakes
  • Volcanoes


Use the website links below to research what they are, how they are formed, where they are found and any fun facts!


After this, you can choose whether you create a word document or PowerPoint to create a fact file of exciting information! To make it eye catching for your reader, try adding exciting visual effects to an image using the pop art studio website. Check out our previous lessons if you are unsure how to do this!


How would you describe the mood of a ferocious volcano spitting molten hot lava? Could you use the song maker tool to compose a piece of music in addition to your fact file?


Send your finished work to


Have fun and stay safe,


Miss Everitt