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  A note from the Chaplaincy  Team:


  "To the Chaplaincy Team, the prayer life of our school is crucial. As Chaplains   we want to nurture it and          facilitate it. We have already run some class- worships in St Mary's and St Bernadette's and are now looking

  to open our  new 'Room of God's Light'. This will be a safe place to pray, connect with and remember those        who need us."

  September 2017

  Following our Chaplaincy Recruitment Assembly, we had over 30 applications from KS2 children to become

   team members! 

  As our first task, Mrs Cunningham and I recruited Leo Bottrill (Yr6) as our pupil and together we chose

  10 children from their application forms.


  The children are planning an assembly for the whole school to explain what Chaplaincy is about and to give            details of the types of charities the Bishop has asked all Chaplaincy Teams to support.


  Mrs Petty, R.E. Leader

Picture 1 Pupil Leader - Leo Yr6
Picture 2 Bartosz Yr4
Picture 3 Delwyn Yr5
Picture 4 Ola Yr5
Picture 5 Neave Yr3
Picture 6 Emily Yr3
Picture 7 Charlie Yr3
Picture 8 Ollie Yr4
Picture 9 Francesca Yr4
Picture 10 Freya Yr6




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    On Friday 27th January 2017, Corpus Christi Chaplaincy Team hosted 

    Chaplaincy training for  over 60  children from around our Somerset group.

    Ann Fowler (Assistant Director for Education, Clifton Diocese) led the training       which helped the children understand why it is so important for us to help, 

    support and pray for those less fortunate than ourselves both at home and in

    the wider world. Kian said: "that was so hard but I'm glad I'm a Chaplain."


    Corpus Christi Chaplaincy team will be putting together a PowerPoint 

    presentation for the school and parish during the next few months to show

    how the school (with the help of the parish) will be supporting those in need         following the Bishop's 

    guidance. This will be titled: "We can all do something!"

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  Pupils know when the "Room of God's Light" is open when we put our sign outside.

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  The Chaplaincy Team met for the first time after school this week. After opening with a prayer, we learnt        about the work of St Thomas Aquinas and adopted his 'Student's Prayer' as part of our mission.


  We discussed how we could improve our lunch-time prayer sessions and all agreed that using the Year 1

  classroom meant we could create a more spiritual atmosphere. We were able to play some calming music

  and create a prayer area for pupils to use.

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  'The Room of God's Light' opened this week and will be open on Monday and Wednesday lunchtimes from 

  12.30 pm  until 12.50 pm.


  Here are some prayers that have been written by children in the' Room of God's Light'.


  Prayer for Calmness

Dear Lord,

bad things have happened

but keep us calm,

keep us focused and don't

let us be angry and disappointed.



Pray for Love

Dear Lord,

make me love the people around me,

my mum, my dad, 

and every one around me

unique or different,

love them all.





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Chaplaincy Commissioning October 2016

The Chaplaincy Team  were comissioned at a special service in Clifton Cathedral along with 800 other children from Catholic Schools in our Diocese.  Bishop Declan presented each child with a badge and a certificate and thanked them for helping him with his work.  


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The Chaplaincy team held a cake sale and raised nearly £50.00! 24 April 2015

Silly Socks Day held on Friday 30th January 2015 raised £77.00 for CAFOD. Well done Chaplaincy team for your hard work and creativity

Sebeya and Chaplaincy assembly Nov 2014

First chaplaincy meeting

First chaplaincy meeting   1