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Welcome to Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School, rated as GOOD by Ofsted (2012).

St Vincent de Paul

Welcome to St Vincent de Paul!

Year Three

Class Teacher: Mrs Ayers


Thank you Father Richard for coming to our class and explaining very clearly about Trinity - as we are learning about Eucharisitc prayer and many children from our class are getting ready for their First Holy Communion.

To consoliodate our knowledge about plants, this term the children from Year 3 will be looking after our school's garden and making observations on life cycles of different plants.

The children from Year 3 have shared their fairy tales, which they worked very hard on during the last term, with our youngest learners from Foundation Stage.

The children are exploring the story of Pentecost through drama.

Please have a look at our termly overview.

During the Science week at Corpus Christi Year 3 children are exploring if plants can grow in Space as well as on Earth.

Please have a look at our termly overview.

Just like in nature, some of our volcanoes erupted and some did not!

Year 3 and Year 5 had an exciting opportunity to travel to Birmingham to visit the Think Tank museum. The children consolidated their knowledge and had valuable first hand experiences. Thank you parents for your support, we all had a great day!

This week we have started our "Volcano" project.

Year 3 learners can say and show what they like and what they dislike in French.

Year 3 and Year 5 shared reading their favourite stories.

As part of our learning about forces and magnets, Year 3 children have been exploring how a toy car is moving on different surfaces.

Children from Year 3 take responsibility and will be preparing and leading class worships.

Please have a look at our termly overview.

I wonder if I could be a potter in ancient Egypt?

As part of our learning about the importance of nutrition, different diets and food groups, we were very lucky to have Mrs Wilmot to teach us how to create a healthy plate and eat a balanced diet. Thank you very much for this lovely experience.

Fantastic effort in Mathletics Year 3 - keep it up!

Fantastic effort in Mathletics Year 3 - keep it up! 1

Please have a look at our termly overview.

Healthy Week at Corpus Christi.

This term in Year 3 we will be focusing on the importance of the right type of nutrition, exercises and will be comparing the life style of modern human being to the ancient Egyptian. We have started this term in a healthy and happy way - practising yoga.

To consolidate out learning about "Stone Age" and "Rocks" Year 3 and Year 6 went to explore Kents Caverns - real caves where real cave men used to live, hunt, make fires and cook food millions years ago. That was a truly amazing experience, thank you to all the parents who came with us, your support is always appreciated.

Please have a look at our termly overveiw.

This week we started with our class assembly. We shared our knowledge about St Vincent de Paul and his mission and reflected on how we can live in 21 century like St Vincent de Paul did. On Tuesday 4th of October Year 3 will be holding a cake sale to raise money for St Vincent de Paul's charity in Bristol and to honour our class saint.
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Such a fantastic start of the year! Well done Year 3. You have been working super hard on your mark making and have had a lot of fun as new KS2 pupils. Keep it up. I look forward to an exciting year ahead.