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Corpus Chrisit Catholic Primary part of The Dunstan Catholic Educational Trust.


World Book Day fun!

We began the day with a special World Book Day assembly. A pirate tried to disrupt the gathering but Peter Pan saved the day!

Secret Stories

Children signed up to hear a story but they did not know who was going to read it to them. It was very exciting and all pupils had lots of fun!

Family Groups

In the afternoon, we formed 'Family Groups'. We mixed with children from all year groups. We enjoyed sharing our favourite stories and taking part in the World Book Day quiz.

Reading Buddies at Corpus Christi!

Last week, we started Reading Buddies in Years 1-6. Pupils and staff are loving this experience and we aim to make it a weekly event.

What is ‘Reading Buddies’?

Reading Buddies is where two individuals read together. By linking Year 3 with Year 6, Year 2 with Year 5 and Year 1 with Yea r4, we have ensured that an older child reads regularly with a younger child (and the younger child reads with the older child).

Why are we doing this?

By pairing up children from different classes, we are developing relationships between children of different age groups. We are also giving all pupils the opportunity to practise reading on a regular basis and with this practice, pupils can improve their skills. For both the older pupils and the younger pupils, they have the chance to develop fluency as well as a sense of pride in helping each other. Expression and intonation are also improved. We encourage both children in the pair to read and then discuss their book. They can then ask and answer questions during the session. Listening skills are also a big part of the session along with social skills. In the long-term, it is hoped that these regular reading sessions will develop a love of reading and nurture a mutual interest in reading as well.

World Book Day 2019

Jess Butterworth visited our school


On Tuesday 26th September, the author Jess Butterworth came to speak to Year 5 and 6. She was promoting her fabulous book 'Running on the roof of the world'.