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St Vincent de Paul

Welcome to St Vincent de Paul!

Year Three


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  Class teacher: Mrs A Ayers (



To consolidate our previous term's learning about Romans, we have visited Caerleon Roman Fortress and Baths. We had a fantastic workshop involving a Romans theme role-play, we also explored National Roman Legion Museum as well as Amphitheatre, Barracks and Roman Baths:

Dear Parents, welcome to Term 5! Please have a look at our termly overview for Term 5:

World Book day 2024: Fantastic effort everyone, well done, great way to celebrate Reading!

Dear Parents, welcome to Term 4! Please have a look at our termly overview for Term 4:

Year 3 are learning the "Our Father" Prayer" and exploring its meaning using the actions:

As part of "Rotten Romans", the children are exploring Roman mosaic:

Year 3 attended Wednesday Mass at Corpus Christi Church. the children read their bidding prayers beautifully and brought the Offertory to Canon Tom:

Dear Parents, welcome to Term 3! Please have a look at our termly overview for Term 3:

Decorating lanterns at St Paul's Church. That was a wonderful new experience, Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year!

Dear Parents and Friends, please have a look our learning in Term 2. We had a Seaside visit, our parishioner Steven visited our class and taught us about different roles during Mass, Year 3 Class had their first opportunity to join our Parish for Wednesday Mass and the children made beautiful lanterns for Remembrance Day:

Home Learning for Tuesday 31st of October.

Dear children and parents! Unfortunately the school is closed today for KS 2 pupils, therefore, I have prepared some online learning for you.

Please complete the tasks below. You have: Morning Mission, Writing, Maths, and History. If you have any questions, my email address is

Have a lovely day and I hope to see you all tomorrow!


Mrs Ayers

Great start to Year 3! All the children have settled in wonderfully and enjoying their new learning:

Dear Parents and Friends, welcome to Year 3! Please have a look at Curriculum evening presentation slides:

Our key books this term