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St Vincent de Paul

Welcome to St Vincent de Paul!

Year Three


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  Class teacher: Mrs A Ayers (



The children are acting out the Pentecost story and exploring its meaning for Christians:

Peer assessment in RE lesson. The children give each other kind and constructive feedback to move their learning forward:

Art work for "Rainforests" WOW activity:

Touch Rugby with Future Stars:

Please have a look at our termly overview for Term 5:

Thank you Year 3 children for sharing your amazing talents:

Making Romans shields:

Game skills with Future Stars and Cricket with Sophie Luff, Western Storm and Somerset cricketer.

Liturgical Prayer for Lent:

Please have a look at our termly overview for Term 4:

World Book Day in Year 3! Thank you for your fantastic effort with your costumes and for sharing your love to reading.

Year 3 is exploring everyday life of Romans using the resources from Weston Museum.

Safer Internet Day - PCSO visited Year 3 and led some activities on E-safety.

Our key texts this term:

As part of our work about the Synod, Year 3 children created a paper chain joining our prayers together as a symbol of assembly and unity.

The trickster has visited today Year 3 as part of our WOW activity for Talk for Writing, told us all about his favourite tricks and gave us some ideas for writing our own warning tales.

Please have a look at our termly overview:

Debate like Romans! Year 3 debated about "Do we need a class president or not?"

Year 3 Dance on "Believer", some children joined with singing as well, great focus!

Year 3 had a wonderful opportunity to learn abo9ut new sport curling:

Our Human Model of a plant has helped us to explore the relationship between its structure and function:

This week we have started learning about a new genre with WOW activity - exploring the nature of dragons through Art. Well done everyone for being creative and brave with your ideas!

Year 3 children are learning about songs and games in French:

Please have a look at our scientific investigation of plants, thank you parents for providing such a great variety of plants that we will be able to use for our learning this term!:

During our Class worships in Year 3 we are working on deepening Prayer and learning Five Finger Prayer.

Please have a look at the pictures from our wonderful visit to Weston Museum. It was lovely to see the children enjoying first hand learning experience again. Thank you parents for your support, we appreciate it a lot!

This week we have been working on our punctuation, using Kung Fu actions to help us to remember the rules and applying our knowledge in punctuating sentences with direct speech. We have also explored Rosh Hashanah Festival as part of our Judaism week.

Wonderful start of the Year, very proud of you Year 3! We have started our learning with some WOW activities and we will keep working hard everyday to be the best we can!

Curriculum evening presentation: