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Welcome to Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School.

St Peter and St Paul

Welcome to Year 4

St Peter and St Paul

Class Teacher: Mr Skellon



Our new topic is...

Horrible Humans

Our Amazing 'Eggs-periment'!


This term we have been looking at the human body and focused on the digestive system and the teeth.

As part of our learning we looked at the types of teeth we have and the jobs they do when we eat.

We also investigated, working with Year 3, how things we eat and drink can damage our teeth and how important cleaning them is each day!!

Our 'eggs-periment' involved us putting eggs into different liquids (tea, coffee, coca-cola and water) and leaving them overnight.  We then noted down changes that had happened to the eggs and thought about why those changes may have happened.

You can see this in action from the pictures below.  An 'eggs-troadinary' time was had by all!!

Our Amazing 'Eggs-periment'!

Our Amazing 'Eggs-periment'! 1
Our Amazing 'Eggs-periment'! 2
Our Amazing 'Eggs-periment'! 3
Our Amazing 'Eggs-periment'! 4
Our Amazing 'Eggs-periment'! 5

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