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St Peter and St Paul

Welcome to Year 4

St Peter and St Paul

Class Teacher: Mr Skellon



Year 4 came in excited to see what had happened to the eggs we had left over the weekend. The changes in colour for coffee and cola were quite amazing but nothing compared to what had happened to the orange juice! We came to a conclusion that we really needed to be more aware about what we eat and drink and make sure we clean our teeth properly.

In our Science lesson this week we have placed some boiled eggs into four liquids and are monitoring them to see how they react. The shell of the egg is similar to our teeth which allows us to investigate how out teeth are affected by what we drink! We will take a final look after the weekend to see what has happened.

On the 30th September, Year 4 had a fantastic visit to Weston Museum with a focus on our History topic - the Anglo-Saxons. We avoided the rain walking down and spent the day looking at artefacts, dressing up, touring the museum and exploring the exhibits.

Curriculum Evening 2021 Presentation

Useful website link for times tables practice...




Please find a link below to an amazing times tables website I will be using with the children in class.

It gives them the opportunity to focus on specific times tables as well as testing themselves against all of them.  There are games they can use to help them and a really good plan for how they can develop their understanding and knowledge across the times tables we study in school.

Finally, there is a test section which is timed which will give them an experience of times tables against the clock!


This website works perfectly with Times Tables Rockstars and allows the children to practice individual times tables they may be struggling with.  Their 5 stage plan is great and when they pass it they can get a certificate!


Thank you for your support in this. 


Mr Skellon


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