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RE Curriculum

This year we have been taking part in BackPack project. Thank you very much for all the children and families who brought the items to support the children in Malawi in getting the most out of their learning. We are still collecting during Lent time and we will be grateful for your donations. Thank you for your kindness and generosity.

Our EYFS and KS1 pupils took part in their liturgy with Canon Tom. They learnt about the story of Saul. Thank you to our parents and friends who joined us for this special time.

This year we are working together with Joseph who is training with Canon Tom to be a priest. Thank you Joseph for sharing with the children your experience and knowledge about how to be an altar server.

During the season of the preparation for the birth of Jesus the children from Year 4,5 and 6 had the opportunity to say sorry and to reflect on their spiritual journey.

Collective Worship Policy

Regular Acts of Worship in Corpus Christi.


Monday – Whole School (assembly)

Tuesday/Wednesday – Class Worship

Thursday – Hymn Practice

Friday – Whole School – Laudate