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St Bernadette

St Bernadette

St Bernadette  1 Class Teacher: Miss Everitt

What will Year One be learning in Term One?

What will Year One be learning in Term Two?

What will Year One be learning in Term Three?

Curriculum Evening September 2019

What have Year One been learning this week?

9th - 13th September 2019


The children have had some visitors in our outside area this week! Last weekend, the quiet critters heard loud howling outside and saw a creature with sharp teeth and long fur. On Monday morning, the children bravely explored the outside area and found a pile of straw, sticks and muddy wolf foot prints. The children came to the conclusion that the wolf must have been trying to blow down the little pig's houses!


In Maths this week, Year One have been learning how to group and count objects to 10. We have also been practising counting forwards and backwards to 10.


In English, we have been learning the story of the Three Little pigs. We also wrote questions to ask the bad wolf in a drama activity.



What have Year One been learning this week?

16th - 20th September 2019


Wow, what another busy week Year One have had with lots of learning!


In Maths this week, the children have had lots of fun counting forwards and backwards from 10. We have also learnt how to find one more and one less than a given number. 


In English, we have explored what a sentence is using colourful semantics. Through this, we have identified who and what is happening in a sentence. We then wrote our own sentences about the Three Little Pigs. 

What have Year One been learning this week?

30th September - 4th October 2019


As Historians this week, the children have compared how buildings looked in 1666 to present day. In our topic lessons, we have started creating our 17th Century houses. We are very excited to recreate the Great Fire of London next week!


In Maths, we have continued to learn how to order numbers from smallest to greatest. We have also been learning how to use ordinal numbers and number lines. 


As writers, we have innovated the character in the story of the Three Little Pigs and are using our text maps to write our stories! 

What have Year One been learning this week?

14th - 18th October 2019


As Musicians this week, the children have enjoyed learning and performing the song, ''Hey You!''. In addition to this, they have learnt how to play the glockenspiel! 


As Writers, we have written our cold write for the next Talk for Writing unit on persuasion. We were very excited to receive another letter from the Three Little Pigs! We were shocked to discover they had been playing outside in our new space station.


As Mathematicians, we have been working really hard to partition numbers to 10 and to compare number bonds. 

What have Year One been learning this week?

2nd - 6th December 2019

As Writers, this week the children have started learning the narrative of 'Little Charlie'. For this, as a class we went on a surprise journey to visit grandma. Along the way, we met a mean cat and a white duck who we fed bread and cheese. 


As Mathematicians, we have started our new unit of place value within 20. As part of this, we will be learning how to count to twenty, forwards and backwards, from any given number. 


As Artists, the children have been busy preparing crafts for the Christmas fete as well as collaboratively creating a nativity scene.