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First Holy Communion

First Holy Communion 2021 information


For those children signed up to the programme, the dates for the 2021 sessions are now available on the school and Parish websites. Please note that to avoid any potential future delays related to COVID, we will be running the programmes in the Church on Fridays. Please note that there is a parents session on Weds 21st April at 6.30pm in the Church to explain the programme in detail.

First Holy Communion 2021 dates

First Holy Communion 2021

I am sure that everyone is aware of the massive disruption COVID-19 has had on the First Holy Communion programme for 2020. Despite all the efforts of the Church and the Catechist team, we cannot seem to cross the line and complete the programme to enable the children to receive their First Holy Communion.

This delay is having an obvious knock on effect for the enrolment and commencement of the 2021 programme, which cannot proceed until we have completed the 2020 programme.

At this stage, and in the absence of any real knowledge as to where COVID-19 will take us, all we can do is issue the application forms for 2021, to enable us to gauge the level of interest, and numbers, so we can make informed decisions regarding the structure of the 2021 programme. We may, for instance, have to:

  • Cap the number of candidates per Parish to adhere to social distancing rules
  • Based on numbers we may have to run multiple preparation sessions in tandem
  • Consider multiple Masses on the day(s)
  • Consider a programme that could be directed to a percentage of home teaching. (Please see notes on Parents role below)
  • Consider community preparation programmes.

The current programme God’s Greatest Gift, is now obsolete and will not be available next year, so the type of programme adopted in 2021 will be dependent on numbers and which of the above options are best suited.

There will undoubtedly be a delay in the commencement of the 2021 programme, but we would encourage an early return of the applications to the Presbytery / School to maximise planning and resource.

There are no guarantees that, even with forward planning, there will be no disruption to any programme timetable we put into place, but your cooperation in an early return of the applications will assist the Catechist team in selecting the best option to deliver as fluid a programme as COVID-19 will allow.


First Holy Communion is a special time when your children take a step towards full membership of the Church and begin to take a more active part in the community.

The parish recognises that you are the primary educators of your children in their faith and it is our sincere desire to work alongside you and your child to prepare for First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion, which are important steps in the life of your child.

Your support and encouragement during the process is vital to the Catechists and to your child’s faith development. Sports events, parties and other such competing attractions must come second to First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion preparation.

As a parent, you have the most important role in the preparation process and as part of your application for the course we will ask you to make the following undertaking for you and your child.

That you will…

  • accompany our child to Mass on a weekly basis as far as possible
  • make sure your child completes his/her classes.
  • pray for and with your child
  • commit to coming to the parent sessions.
  • witness to your faith by family lifestyle and conversation
  • continue to help your child be involved at Mass after the course finishes

With thanks and our Prayers

The Catechist Team.

The children who have received their First Holy Communion shared their wonderful experience during our whole school assembly.

The children had a wonderful morning in Corpus Christi Church celebrating First Holy Communion Mass. They all look beautiful and made their parents, teachers and friends very proud.

Our First Holy Communion Celebration in School

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