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Safeguarding/ PREVENT

If you have a safeguarding concern or wish to contact someone in relation to safeguarding, please email


Keeping Children Safe in Education - Updated September 2022

DCET Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy September 2022


Keeping children safe in education (Updated September 2022)


Corpus Christi Primary School is dedicated to looking after all our children the best we possibly can. Safeguarding covers children’s physical, social and emotional well-being and runs alongside our work on Health and Safety and Online Safety.


The school has a Safeguarding Policy that is in line with recommendations from NSSCB. The policy is reviewed annually by governors and is a working document that reflects our practice. This is available in a new policies section of the school website. In the meantime parents/carers can request a paper copy from the office.

Part of our responsibility in this area is to work with outside agencies such as Educational Welfare or Social Care to make sure all pupils are kept safe. This means that at times we are obliged to pass on concerns or information to these agencies. The school will always do this in consultation with parents unless to do so could put a child at risk To do this effectively we have one teacher who co-ordinates this work, this person is known as the Designated Safeguarding Lead.


The Designated Lead for Safeguarding in Corpus Christi Primary School is Mr Mark Lawrence who is also the Head Teacher.   


Any concerns about children’s welfare or wellbeing should be discussed with Mr Lawrence as soon as possible. If Mr Lawrence is not available please speak to Mrs Ayers  who is the Deputy Safeguarding Lead. Mrs Powell or Mrs Pillar can also be contacted as Safeguarding Governors. Mrs Sander is our Learning Mentor who also supports the children and their well being. 


Ofsted has stated that schools and colleges should be safe environments where children and young people can learn. At Corpus Christi we use the Jigsaw PSHE scheme which helps to teach children about the keeping themselves safe and promotes an ethos in school that strongly supports keeping children safe in many diverse situations.

From the Early Years onwards, children are taught about what to say and do if they don’t like something – from encountering strangers to bullying, and from unwanted physical contact to racism and being safe with technology. As ever, the emphasis is on helping children realise their independence and responsibility for themselves, rather than employing scare tactics and horror stories to frighten children and dissuade them from choosing certain paths.


If you have any concerns about a child outside of school you can called the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO -  Julie Bishop) through the Single Point Access Team (SPA) on 01275 888808

Safeguarding PREVENT Agenda


Please find a link to a government website that supports schools, teachers and parents in pro-actively working with children to respect and tolerate the wide variety of beliefs we have in our society.


Who? What? Where? Parent Information


Who are the school's designated Child Protection/ Safeguarding contacts?

Mr Mark Lawrence - Head Teacher / Safeguarding lead

Mrs Anastasia Ayers - Deputy Safeguarding Lead

Mrs Zoe Pillar - Safeguarding Governor

Mrs Fay Powell- Safeguarding Governor

Mrs Penni Sander - Learning Mentor 


What do I do with any concerns I have regarding the protection of children, or concerns about inappropriate adult behaviour towards children?

Come to the school office and ask to speak to a member of the school safeguarding team. Explain that it is a safeguarding matter and you will be seen straight away.


Where do I find written information/policies regarding Safeguarding/Guidance for safer working practice for adults who work with children?

All of our statutory policies including our safeguarding policy are under the policies section of the website. If you would like a hard copy please speak to the school office.

Online Safety:

We cannot stress enough how important it is to show an interest and be aware of what your child is accessing online via games/chat groups/tik tok etc .  If your child is being targeted please ensure you take screenshots - user names etc and report to the police and/or school.   

Parents against CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation)


Parents against (CE) Criminal Exploitation


Internet Matters. Org - Online Safety/Settings etc


Parental controls


Think U Know - Online safety/Grooming/Bullying 



What is County Lines - Drugs issues and how young people are targetted


Safer Internet


NSPCC - Online safety - sexting/gaming


Child Net - Online safety