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St Christopher

Next week Kooth are celebrating mental health awareness week. We want to remind young people that mental health is a positive and should be talked about! 

Year 5 and 6 children over 10 years of age are invited to sign up to Kooth and take a look around the site.

There is a whole community for young people to get involved with.

Welcome to St. Christopher's Class - Year 5

Class Teacher: Mrs Bishop

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This Week's Home Learning:

Please email finished work to Mrs Bishop:

End of Term message

Please use the PE link below which will take you to PE activities and resource pages where Miss Everitt and Mrs Cunningham have set you challenges and tasks to try over the week.

World Book Day 2020

World Book Day 2020 1
World Book Day 2020 2
World Book Day 2020 3
During the workshop, we learnt about rockets. We watched a rocket launch and then made our own rockets that we later tested.

Earth and Space Art Work

We studied the work of the American artist Peter Thorpe. He uses an abstract background and a space themed foreground. We painted our own pictures based on Peter Thorpe's work.

Our gymnastics unit

Term 2 Curriculum Plan

Term 1 Curriculum Plan

Reading Buddies

In science, we have been investigating how wire length affects the brightness of a bulb.

Netball Taster Session

We were lucky enough to have a coach from Royals Netball club visit us. We enjoyed developing our netball skills.

Jigsaw group challenge

We had to build the tallest tower possible, in 5 minutes, out of just newspaper and sellotape. We did not get very tall towers.


Next, we took on roles (Materials manager, Time keeper and Designer) and had another 5 minutes to build a tower. This time, it was much more successful as we worked as a team and all took our roles seriously!

We have been learning our model text — The Gorgon Medusa. We use actions and a text map to help us. Soon, we will be writing our own non-chronological reports based on the model.


We have been using concrete manipulatives to support us with our learning of addition and subtraction.