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Prayer Life and Links with the Parish

Thank you our parents and friends for joining us in reflective service celebrating Crowning of Mary:

Year 5 Class Mass is all about love. The children has chosen love as a focus as this is our value for Term 5. They have reflected on how we show love in our community and how Jesus teaches us to live in love:

This year the children from EYFS led Liturgy of the Word in their classroom. They have been focusing on Love - this term's school value, and they have been reflecting on God's love and love of one another through Gospel and prayers. Thank you Canon Tom for supporting the children and thank you parents and grandparents for joining the children with celebration:

Stations of the Cross led by Year 6. Thank you the Parishioners from Corpus Christi Church who had joined us and for your kind feedback." The Stations of the Cross were lovely. That was such a clever way to do them. I thought Yr 6 did really well answering some tricky questions. Well done!"

Lenten whole school Mass at Corpus Christi Church. Our altar servers, readers, the children who brought the Offertory, you all did so well and worked great as a team. Thank you Canon Tom, Canon Alan for leading the Mass, and thank you parents and friends for joining us and making this celebration very special.

Our Chaplaincy team plans and leads Celebrations of the Word for whole school and models it in classes:

Year 2 Liturgy of the Word about Respect, our value of Term 2:

10.11.23 Year 4 Class Mass on Remembrance Day and peace.

Prayer club continues to take place every Friday afternoon. Steven, one of our parishioners and grandads of our pupils comes and joins us every Friday. Thank you Steve for leading it in such a thoughtful and creative way!

Dear Parents and Friends! Welcome to new academic year. This year we are continuing working together with Parish and Church and supporting each other. Thank for those who have joined us in our Beginning of Term Mass. The children from KS 2 attend Wednesday Mass 10 am on a rota, where they are sharing their Bidding Prayers and bringing the Offertory. Please join us when you can.

Leavers' Mass 2023:

Year 3 Class Mass. Thank you Canon Tom for supporting all our classes with leading Class Masses during this year. This is a very valuable experience for our children, staff and community:

Mass for Holy Day of Obligation for St Peter and St Paul:

Crowning of Mary, May 2023:

Ascension Mass 2023:

Chaplaincy team led Liturgical Prayer for each year group:

The children from Year 3 read their Bidding Prayers and brought offertory during Wednesday morning Mass:

This term we have started our Corpus Christi Prayer Group. This is an opportunity for our children to read the Gospel together, learn the prayers and reflect. Thank you Steven for being our Lead:

Year 6 children led Station of the Cross journey and taught younger learners about the last days of Jesus' life:

Corpus Christi School's display in Corpus Christi Church:

Year 5 Class Mass:

Year 4 Class Mass:

Year 2 Liturgy of the Word:

Year 3 visited Ellenborough Care home to sing carols and to share with the residents our prayers before Christmas:

The children are joining the parishioners for Mass:

The children are taking part in Mass as altar servers:

Leavers' Mass 2022. Thank you Year 6, you were brilliant! Best of luck to all of you in your new adventures:

Our new Altar Servers from Year 4:

The children joined the Ascension Day Mass: