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Please note that from Tuesday 5th January 2021 Corpus Christi is only open for the children of Key Workers and Vulnerable children. To book please email


Phonics at Corpus Christi

We use The North Somerset’s (The Learning Exchange) Programme for Phonics into Early Spelling.

Through the programme, pupils will learn that the English language is made up of approximately 44 sounds (phonemes).

Pupils will learn that phonemes are represented by graphemes (letters) and that different graphemes can represent the same phoneme.

The programme splits the teaching and learning of phonics into 9 Steps.

As children move towards Step 7, the focus changes to early spelling, developing their morphological understanding in line with the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum for Year 1.

By June of Year 1, it is anticipated that pupils are secure with all 9 Steps.

Phonics into Early Spelling Overview